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It is Explanation! That is what we do. Explanation.co.uk gives you the freedom and choice to find the easiest answers to any of your questions. Nothing is too basic to be explored and nothing is too complicated to be explained in the most basic manner. At Explanation.co.uk, you will be able to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

There are times you may have wondered about trivial stuff like “why is the sky blue?”, “Why do people have jet lag?” Or more profound thoughts like “How does a country become a country?” We offer very straightforward answers to questions like this in our collection of the most gratifying articles.

The world is an exciting place with lots of mysteries to be explored. It is predictable for people to have a lot of questions. Explanation.co.uk offers, well, explanations about a wide range of topics in different categories.

Anyone can submit a question

Explanation! gives you the opportunity to ask any question when you contact us. You will get a detailed answer that addresses your question and all its subtleties in the most satisfying manner on our website. At the end of the day, you will walk away from explanation.co.uk a little bit smarter. That is our goal.

We encourage you to contact us with your questions and we will get to work right away to provide you with precise information that will satisfy your curiosity. After all, man is a curious animal by nature. Share the questions on your mind with us and allow us to take you on an engaging journey of discovery.

Find answers to questions you didn’t know you had.

Browse through different categories to discover unexpected gems of information and articles dedicated to explaining how things work or giving you several life hacks. Even the most simple “what is” articles offers several opportunities to increase your knowledge about the most basic things in life.

Explanation.co.uk is a cool and easy way to boost your brain with intriguing and educational facts about different topics belonging to different categories. Find instructional material teaching you how to do things, or find several life hacks, and discover easier ways to do the things you already do when you browse on Explanation.co.uk.

Feed your mind

Seeking knowledge? Then explore Explanation! and let our experts help you find insight to the most puzzling things about life, science, technology, politics, business, and more. On Explanation.co.uk, we offer you inspiration and information in our imaginative, and captivating articles that are full diversity and aim to keep you coming back for more.

Stand out from the crowd and keep your audience enthralled when you share fascinating facts about things people take for granted. Explanation.co.uk gives you the perfect way to explain it!

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