Why Screws Tops are better than Corks on Wine Bottles

There is a general misconception about screw tops and corks. Most people simply assume it is cheap once they see a bottle of wine with a screw top without realising that more often than not, that they are completely wrong. Once upon a time, corks may have been exclusively used for wine bottling but it has since seized to be the case.  Top wineries are now fascinated with this easy-to-open covers and experts believe this trend has come to stay and their reasons are as follows:

There are no worries about the Wine being Corked

A bottle of wine cannot be corked since it is enclosed with a screw top. Wine is not corked because it contains bits and pieces of broken cork from the bottle, rather wine is said to be corked when it has been polluted with cork taint which then changes the smell and taste of the wine.

A cork taint is caused by the existence of a natural fungus that is found in the cork. Since the cork is made out of natural substances, organisms like to feed on them before or after they have been made to finished products from a tree. These fungi come in contact with the cork and form a chemical substance called TCA (Trichloroanisole).

A good wine that smells and taste like a damp and musty basement has been affected by TCA. According to Jessica Brady, a wine expert, and importer, on an average of every twelve bottles of wine, one of them is corked and that is not a favorable statistic. Imagine waiting for about Ten years to open your favorite bottle of wine, only to realise it has been corked. With screw tops, one does not need to worry about the wine being corked. Screw tops are also known as Stelvin enclosures in the wine industry.

With screw tops, wine can become oxidised just as much as with wine bottled with corks, when stored under extreme temperatures at either end of the thermometer. This oxidisation problem is a lot easier to control than corking of wine (which is caused by the cork) simply by not subjecting wines to these extreme temperatures

You do not need a Corkscrew

Cork Screw

This is a major importance when it comes to opening a bottle of wine. Most people love screw top enclosures because of its accessibility. It can be really frustrating when you have a bottle of wine, only to realise you do not have a wine opener, it’s a terrible feeling. Although that situation forces you to be creative as can be seen with various unusual wine opening methods but it’s still not as easy as when opening with a corkscrew.

People go through a lot of crazy measures to open a corked bottle of wine when they are without a corkscrew; there is an example where a shoe was used. So why do people still bother with corked bottles? Wine experts believe that die-hard cork fanatics from old-world vine yards still use corks for romance.

Screws are better for the Wine.

 With screw tops, oxygen does not get into the bottle of wine and this helps to keep the fresh white and red wine crisp. However expert opinion is divided on this matter as some believe that bigger and fuller wines gain from that slight amount of oxygen that can be gotten from a cork. Screw top has been used in bottling quality wine from Nice Bordeaux for more than 25 years and it only seems to get better for the wine as time goes by. More people are beginning to appreciate screw top wines for the crisp it adds to the wine.



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