How Will Amazon Delivery Drones Affect the Way I Buy?

The remarkable evolution in commerce is a continuous process that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, with innovative ideas facilitating new and effective ways of commercial transaction. Only a few decades ago, one would have had to visit a physical store to make purchases and procure items; then the internet came, and the rest as they say is history. E-commerce platforms control a huge share in the retail market, with their delivery features a very vital aspect of their services. Many are able to ship procured products and items to buyers either with in-house shipping personnel or via the much popular courier companies. The delivery period, however, may vary depending of the location of the customer and the nature of the product, with the average duration of item delivery ranging from a few hours to some days. Many E-commerce companies are seeking new innovative ways to hasten the delivery process and improve consumer satisfaction, and a lucky few have succeeded in finding them.

One of such companies is E-commerce retail giants Amazon, who are close to finalizing a new method of efficient shipping: the use of drones.

Yes that military equipment used in the fields of war has been engineered by Amazon’s research and development centre to aid their delivery services by severing the timeline between a customer’s order and package collection. Amazon has proudly claimed that their drone service, which is called Amazon Prime Air, is certain to shrink down delivery time to barely 30 minutes.

So how will this new innovation change the way customers buy? Well for starters, since it hastens the process of delivery, a buyer can simply be rest assured that any item procured via the E-commerce giant’s Prime Air service will be promptly delivered in minutes. It also means buyers will not have to bother anymore about buying items way ahead of schedule due to apprehension about the delivery timeframe; in simple terms, urgent purchases can be made without worrying about the late delivery of the products.

Another aspect of conventional delivery services that lack efficiency is its penetration ability. And while the common delivery methods involving mobile personnel do strive to ensure that delivery to every location is a possibility, there are frequent instances when confusing addresses, strange house arrangements, improper directions, and terrain conditions hinder the process or even worse...lead to the abortion of the delivery.

Delivery drones, however, are unlikely to have any of these problems because they have Global Positioning System (GPS) embedded within that ensures that the product is only delivered to the exact address entered into its GPS. This is also effective in delivering items to areas that aren’t addressed or places that are far away from urban cities like forests, mountain sides, and beaches. By entering the GPS coordinates into the delivery drone, the buyer of the item can be easily located wherever he or she may be.

Some buyers are a little pessimistic about the use of delivery drones, with many wrongly believing that they will be unable to deliver certain items. But Amazon has swiftly dismissed such assertions, pointing out that their Prime Air delivery drones are able to convey items that weigh up to 5lbs.

With successful test deliveries already conducted, only authorizations and approvals from various government regulatory agencies stand in the way of delivery drones changing the shipping world forever.

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