10 Ways to Make Work More Fun

Many would argue that work is not meant to be fun, after all it is work. This is not wrong, as only a few truly enjoy their work. However, this does not mean that work has to be downright depressing. Here are a few ways to make your work something you can look forward to.

  1. Music at the workplace

The invention of the headphones was a great revolution for music fans everywhere. It created a means for us to listen to our music anywhere we want; on the street, on the bus, at a restaurant, and even in our workplaces. And the best part, it has actually made us more productive. Studies have shown that listening to music at work will make you more productive. It lightens your mood and makes the burden of tasks easier. In recognition of this, companies have even started to play music within the workplace. If your job does not allow you the freedom of music, a happy playlist on your way to work will make your entire day brighter.

  1. Personalize your work space

Most offices and cubicles are created to be dull and grey spaces. There is a reason for this. Most companies design work spaces to be sterile and identical, this saves them money and effort. This however is not very good for employee productivity or happiness. We are affected by our environment and if kept in a dull and grey one for too long, we will start to feel dull and grey ourselves. So, to counter this, take time to make your workspace somewhere that reflects the you from outside the office. Add some color with pictures of your loved ones, your interests, and other things. It will make each day at work, that much more heartening.


  1. Breakdown your work into small tasks

It is standard practice for members of staff to sometimes be apportioned enormous tasks that come with ridiculous deadlines. The largeness of the task and the proximity of the deadline are often enough to leave anyone scared and frozen, unable to work. This does not have to be the case each time. This project might look big, but chances are it is easily broken down into many smaller pieces which you then perform one after the other. Doing this will make your job easier and help you to keep track of your progress.


  1. Sit less

Almost every workplace will provide their staff with seats, this is standard practice. But as time goes on, studies are starting to show that sitting constantly at the workplace is bad for your health, and in time bad for productivity. To counter this people have started using standing desks and exercise balls in their workplaces. This is a good idea, but you do not necessarily have to do the same. Simply make sure that you are not seated for too long. Take short breaks each hour to stretch your legs and try to adopt a good sitting posture.


  1. Do not skip your lunch break

People sometimes spend their lunch breaks at their desks, doing work or eating, when they should be going out for a lunch break. The importance of the lunch break lies in the fact that it is an opportunity for you to refuel and have a change of scene for a time before returning to work. This change of scene will do wonders for your mood by helping you to escape the stress of work for a time.


  1. Make friends at work

Friends make everything better, it is a simple fact of life. Work is no exception. The work day will be easier to bear and go faster if there is someone there you can discuss with and going through the same thing. But making friends at work is more difficult for some than others. It does not have to happen overnight. Simply make the effort to start or participate in conversations, don’t shy away from afterhours social gatherings, and do something nice for you coworkers if the opportunity arises.


  1. Celebrate each achievement, no matter how small

It is too easy in today’s offices for employees to get overwhelmed by their tasks. They work and work, with little encouragement beyond a grey paycheck at the end of the day, week, or month. This practice will lead to you feeling sad every time the subject of work comes up. Instead, reward yourself for each workplace achievement. It does not matter how small, just reward yourself with something easy and good such as a yoghurt, chocolate, or ten minutes of music. Did you finish the proposal before your deadline? Did you have an accident free day? Did you hit your weekly sales target? Have a reward.


  1. Have a hobby at work

This is not meant to distract you from work, but rather should be something that you can do side by side with your work. If you are on the phone all day, it could be something you do with your hands such as knitting or drawing. Does your job involve you driving places? Try learning another language through tapes. This hobby will help to distract from the more boring parts of your job, and give you something fun to do during your downtime.


  1. Do not skip any meals

People do not fully understand how much of an impact food has on their mood and feelings. Because of this people often skip meals, or substitute them for snacks in their bid to rush to work. A lack of appropriate nutrition will reduce your ability to focus, impairs your short term memory, and just makes you less happy. Additionally, with less food you will have less strength for your job and get tired faster. It is just as important to eat healthy meals, filled with lots of fruit, vegetable, and water. Fatty foods and those high in sugar, are just as responsible for making you feel sluggish and unfocused.

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