Eight Skilled Jobs for The Remote Worker of This Decade

Working remotely is such a comfortable situation if you can manage it. No longer do you need to worry about getting to work every weekday, wherever you are will become your workplace.

So unless you plan on winning the lottery, here are nine jobs giving people the opportunity to work remotely.

  1. Virtual Assistance: This is a job that did not exist till this last decade, but will likely keep getting more required and sophisticated till it is eventually taken over by A.I. As the name suggests, this job entails providing assistance to people over the internet. This assistance will either be specialized or widely diverse. For specialized virtual assistance there will be prerequisite technical skills. For instance, if you were assisting for a software company, you might be getting contacted whenever something goes wrong with the software or an update is required. The other type of virtual assistance has you working as a regular assistant hired to run general errands over the internet. In this case you will be doing research, pulling up documents, handling correspondence, and other such tasks.
  2. Web Designer: This is a fairly common job nowadays and one not likely to go away any time soon, as websites will likely continue to be relevant for many more years. Web designers are required to create websites that match the needs and purpose of their clients. They are responsible for the look and layout of websites, as well as its features, structure, fluidity, and generally accessible features. To accomplish this, web designers have skillsets that include graphic design and programming. As the job is largely done over the computer; client correspondence and design, there is rarely any need for the job to not be done remotely.
  3. Crowdsourcing Manager: This job came into existence with the creation of crowdfunding websites. Crowdsourcing requires attention, sponsors, organization and presentation, and this is where a crowdsourcing manager comes in. Their task is to ensure the venture in question reaches its target’s awareness. To do this, they will need to get it the type of attention it requires. They will handle the way the project is presented to the public, getting it exposure via social media, giving regular progress updates to sponsors, and much more. With its requirements, a history of sales and digital marketing is a great help for this job.
  4. Translator: The main job requirement for a translator is proficiency in at least two languages. This is often more related to their ability to write in those languages, than the speaking. The majority of tasks will be translating documents from one language to the other. This is a great remote job, as the majority of the interaction between the employer/client and the translator is in the documents that need to be translated, and the finished translation.
  5. Freelance Writer: This is a job that has existed since before the internet was made. Of course the internet only made carrying it out easier. Emails have replaced letters, websites have replaced magazines, and search engines have replaced the library, but the freelance writer is still there. Short stories, articles, news stories, research projects, are just some of the tasks that are delivered by freelance writers. Required skill in this job varies based on the task, but will always include a basic grasp of how to read and write.
  6. Social Media Marketing: Marketing is in itself one of the more popular professions. With each new technological advancement, a new form of marketing is born. Social media marketing is one of the more recent forms, created largely because of the highly influential nature of social media in today’s world. Social media marketers are responsible for a brand’s representation on social media. They post images and videos, post information on the product and promos, respond to customers, run client’s social media accounts and any other necessary task. The fact that this job relates to social media makes it particularly suitable for remote work.
  7.  Trading: This has always been a highly lucrative business. Over the last decade, more and more online trading platforms have been cropping up, allowing regular individuals to trade stocks, currencies, and such over their computers. Become a trader now is incredibly easy as you no longer need to bother getting hired, all you need is a working internet connection and a modest amount for capital. Although, being successful at online trading is a bit more difficult as it will require a working knowledge of trading.
  8. E-Commerce: Commerce is one of the oldest human occupations. The simple exchange of goods, services, and legal tender is what makes up most industries. Of course, such an important aspect of our civilization will continuously evolve in step with trends and technology. E-commerce is just commerce but over the internet. People in this line of work, sell their goods over the internet. This was made further possible by delivery services, so that neither party has to leave the comfort of their homes to conduct trade. It’s not so simple however to make money of this line, you must first have a product people want to buy, and be proficient at online marketing. Skills at web design and SEO are often necessary as well.
  9. Online Consulting: This job requires a specialized skillset and is available in every line. There are consultants in the field of medicine, SEO, web design, writing, acting, law and any other industry you can think of. Each consultant however is expected to be a professional in their field. Often times, they will be consulting with people with passing knowledges in that field and access to the internet, but who require a deeper insight. Online consultants do their businesses through emails, video calls, webinars, and other means of communication over the internet.

As technology advances, physical offices and face-to-face interactions become less required in conducting businesses. So, whatever job you are currently doing, there is likely a version doable over the internet and if there isn’t you could easily pioneer a way.

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