“20 Places Everybody Should Visit At Least Once in Their Lifetime” by World Top Travel Experts

You have probably read the Jules Verne novel or seen its movie adaptation, Around the World in 80 Days, where Victorian inventor Phileas Fogg (played by Steve Coogan) fashions a ‘mechanical contraption’ that takes him on wild adventures around the world.

Many people wish they can travel on similar exciting quests around the world. It is not impossible, it is only about taking that leap because it is a huge one. Nevertheless, you can still travel the world one exciting place per vacation. But if you do take that leap of faith, here are 20 places you must visit, according to the world’s top experts.


  • Chocolate Box Fishing Villages, Norway


An amazing view of magnificent peaks and dark reflective seas, this isolated archipelago in Norway is a definite must-see. Go back in time when horned-helmet Vikings were Kings of the Sea.


  • Motu Tiapaa in Maupiti


Imagine you are marooned on the clear water beach of the South Pacific Desert Island and watch various sea elements float by lazily. The dormant black volcanic is a stunning view from the coast.


  • Cappadocia, Turkey


If you are a huge Star Wars fan, this beautiful land of ‘fairies’ feels like something out of the set of the Sci-Fi movie. Formed by a volcanic eruption 4 million years ago, this site remains a favourite destination.


  • Levi, Finland


The temperature can drop as low as -34 degrees centigrade and almost suck the breath out of you. But once you get the hang of it, it’s a series of fun jetting around on a snowmobile. Ah, don’t miss the Ice Hotel!


  • Tuvalu, Polynesia


Sleep under the cool Tuvalu night skies and enjoy the gaze of a million shimmering stars. What makes it even more beautiful is that hundreds of other stargazers take out their mattresses to do the same.


  • Lagos, Nigeria


They say you haven’t lived enough until you attend a Lagos night party. Lagosians are famous for their optimism and merrymaking lifestyle. If the palm-wine doesn’t make you sing, nothing else can.


  • Samarkand, Uzbekistan


Samarkand is as old as Babylon itself. While it may not share the latter’s notorious hedonistic past, it has its notable history such as surviving Alexander the Great. You will love the city’s ancient walls.


  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming USA


If you are a sky diver, peering into the Jackson Hole from a bird’s eye view should be on your bucket list. Stunning snow and a picturesque view, it is somewhere you can’t afford to miss.


  • Point Roadknight, Melbourne Australia


From sky diving to surfing, the beaches on the south of Melbourne are a surfer’s delight. Challenge the crispy white foam as they crash against the shore. The sight from shore is incredible.


  • London, England


Need we say more? The city is a melting pot of ancient pubs, urban street art and assorted foods from around the world. Oh, and football. Spare some time to watch a match at Stamford Brigde!


  • The Islands of Hawaii


Bask along the coast of Hawaii’s famous Islands. Its meandering pathways between mountains are a big attraction for trekkers.


  • Ancient Temples of Angor Wat, Cambodia


The temples are overrun with tree roots, a dream sight for any nature lover. But even more enrapturing is catching the sunrise above the temples. Get your camera ready.


  • Yokote, Japan


Japan is a country rife with culture. Visit during the Kamakura Festival and lean how to build your own Igloo. Don’t forget to try out their sake or rice wine. It is a fun festival for the family.  


  • The Candlelit streets of Birgurfest, Malta


The beauty of Birgurfest is in its simplicity. The candles light up the wall in a trail of mesmerising turns. This ethereal feeling will be imprinted in your mind for a long time.


  • Cape Wrath Trail, Scotland


Purported to be the toughest long-distance trek in Britain, the Cape Wrath will give you calves as big as yams and a new-found pride in yourself.


  • Ski the twisting Alps in Switzerland


Switch up your summer vacation for a snowy one in the Alpine forest. Indulge in a ski trip and watch other holiday makers zip past ice-capped mountains in their snowmobile.


  • Visit the Safari in Kenya


Get a first-hand experience of the grassy savannah plains. Meerkats and wild hogs may not be best friends off-screen, but the zebras and hippos co-exist and it is a beautiful sight.


  • Galapagos Islands


Charles Darwin spent months, perhaps years, studying the animals of this intriguing Island. Its richness of exotic wildlife including the Komodo dragon should pique your interest.


  • South Africa’s Vineyards


Sicily and Champagne are famous for the sweet red and sparkling wines respectively, but South Africa vineyards has a diversity of wines. Go for a wine-tasting tour and tell your story. In vino veristas

.Party at a carnival in Brazil


After Lagos, perhaps the next best party city is Rio. The carnivals are every hedonist’s haven. Capture the sight of dancers clad in colourful feathers and frills. The music is easy to dance to. Obrigado!

Now you have read about these beautiful places, it is important to mention that this list is by no means exhaustive. The world is full of lovely, irresistible destinations. All you need is a map and an open mind. Go forth and enjoy!


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