Travelling? Here Are Some Apps that Should Help Keep a Tab on Your Expenses

Nobody plans to get stranded when they are on vacation, but unfortunately it happens. While some occur due to unforeseeable circumstances, others are completely avoidable. In the case of the former, you can still escape if you have a good insurance plan. The latter however, is riskier, especially because no insurance company provides a cover for overshooting your budget. You would have to contact your bank for that.

Fortunately, there are several travel apps that are designed to help you put a lid on your expenditures. It is easy it is to fall into a cash trap when in a foreign country. Try downloading any of these apps ahead of your next trip.


  • AirFair


Flight delays can be a bother. Besides disrupting your plans for the day or week, they can also mess up your budget. Imagine having to spend an extra few hours at the airport with a tight budget. According to Citizen’s advice, once you flight is delayed or cancelled for over two hours, you are entitled to a compensation.

You need to monitor all your expenses and keep receipts of things you buy in that period. AirFair is an app that helps track your compensation so you are duly reimbursed when you make a claim.


  • Hopper


Hopper is a smart app that helps you plan your flight well ahead of time. It also presents colour coded prices so you can choose cheap rates for flights going to your destination. Naturally, the green colour codes indicate a cheap flight while red codes signify more expensive flights.

Another advantage of Hopper is that it shows flight schedules several months into the future. The App is so smart, you can set it to ‘watch’ your booked flight in case of a price change.


  • Hotel Tonight


If you are a spontaneous traveller, Hotel Tonight should be your buddy. Imagine late nights arriving in a new city without prior hotel reservations. Instead of spending the next half hour looking for decent yet affordable hotel, the Hotel Tonight app makes it easier by presenting nearby hotels with reasonable rates. This is also ideal for emergencies when your flight is cancelled.

Unfortunately, there are a few cons to the app. You can’t enjoy elite treatments and bookings are non-refundable with full penalties for cancellation. But Hotel Tonight’s discounts are the best in off-peak travel periods.


  • SpotHero


Ever parked at a hotel spot only to be overcharged for what felt like just 5 minutes? I know the feeling and it can be frustrating. Save money on parking by downloading SpotHero. The app helps by suggesting the cheapest parking lots in your area.

Don’t have cash? Don’t worry, SpotHero’s cashless parking feature means you can pay through the app and receive a barcode which you will scan at the parking destination.  The app’s customer care service is great. According to reviews, it will suggest an alternative service within the same price range if any problems occur.

Traveling is fun, but it can be a fun-killer if you don’t watch your expenses. Refer to other articles in our travel section for more tips.

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